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Our professional consulting services can provide you with advice, direction or a solution to the challenges you business faces. You may be aware of the challenges you face, need them to be pin-pointed or have a project that needs to get off the ground. We can provide specialist advice in areas such as e-commerce (including supplier integration), website optimisation, and SEO. We have the technical skills to implement much of what we propose or we can recommend trusted third parties.

Case Study – LoTN LLC

LoTN LLC ( was successfully competing as an online electrical retailer with a loyal customer base. The company however wished to expand its presence, selling as a third party merchant on Amazon. LoTN LLC approached blackaqua to automate their supplier product feeds which were manually processed and limiting their expansion.

We were able to advise and design a scalable, cross-platform, automated solution that met the project specifications. Using our technical skills, we were also able to implement the system that enabled LoTN LLC to increase their product offering and use new suppliers.

As a result of this project, LoTN LLC has successfully started its expansion, cutting costs and offering lower prices to the customer. It now receives record orders and looks forward to a bright future as a Platinum Amazon seller.